Most Popular 2021 Interior Decor Design Styles

Following the recent pandemic outbreak from 2020, it’s no doubt we’d love to have our homes and apartments in the best receptive and comfortable form moving on. We’d help you understand the synergy between elegant elements and sustainable decorating with these interior decor design styles.

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Rustic Vogue

The Rustic Vogue design style completely grabs the attention of everyone in the room all at once. Individuals who love their interior decor designs as comfortable with some character details flying over the place would love this style. 

To get the best from this style, build on some underlying features like original panelled walls, exposed beams, and floorboards. Having antique wood perfectly blended with scattered character details while creating a nice harmony would be great for this style. 


Following the unexpected 2020 pandemic dilemma, you’d agree that maintaining a comforting decor design like Cottagecore and Nostalgia would play fine in 2021. The Cottage core interior decor design style started as a simplistic look to create comfort and a relaxing ambience. 

Today, we have that seemingly simple style infused with shades of glamour hereby creating a Luxe traditional style. With some gold accessories on your vintage-style barware, this could be recreated.

Contemporary Country 

The Contemporary Country decor style is known for its distinctive blend between beautiful embroidery, mellow-meadow prints, and relaxing amber tones.

 You’d get the best of this design style by matching a few natural textures to give your space a welcoming cozy feel. Recreating the contemporary country look in your home helps to lift your guest’s spirit irrespective of the purpose of the visit. The characterful prints are the secret formula to getting a modern country atmosphere.


Are you wondering why the vintage design style still ranks among 2021 interior decor styles? It’s simply because the vintage style keeps maintaining its salvaged, repurposed, antique, and retro look in the homes of many. 

The less-is-more approach, decorating with favourite pieces, and strong colours for painting are truly all you need to recreate this old-fashioned look. The vintage design style feeds on contrast. A layered contrasting of luxe elements and statement lighting should work.

Global Influence 

As vast as this look may sound, there isn’t more to creating it than mixing your desired woven, wooden, and rattan home accessories. 

Recreating the Global Influence style in 2021 warrants that your decorator remains inspired by natural textures and a warm earthy colour palette. Enjoy the bold Safari ambience in your home by placing infusing wildlife and African plains on the walls. To create the Global Influence style, ensure every piece in your home has a cultural or continental heritage.

Classic Traditionalism 

You get to infuse the timeless home decor trend from the 17th &18th centuries by recreating the classic traditionalism style in your home in 2021. The interior decor design style thrives on decorating using antique, historical, and classic art pieces in your home. Homeowners look to bring alive a harmonious sense and symmetric order to their homes with this design style. The design works the best with soft furnishings, classic damasks, courtly stripes, and ornate scrolls combination. 

Ocean Hues

Nothing is more enticing than having a beach-side getaway home on some resort island far away from the industrious world. However, with the ocean hues design style, you can recreate that beach house feel in your home this 2021. 

Having beach getaways and poolside-looking furniture with inky and aqua blues paintings would give you the calm-contemporary look you seek. 

Let’s Recreate Your Preferred 2021 Interior Design Style Today!

Investing time and money into the interior decor design of your space is the best hospitality investment. Meanwhile, it takes more than having a budget to bring alive your desired interior decor look. You’d need an interior decor professional to help bring your dream of a perfect home to life. 

At Red Interiors, they are the certified interior decor design specialists in Brisbane who understand how home design cuts across different times and seasons. Their craft helps to create a receptive, entertaining, and hospitable atmosphere in your space. Even if you haven’t decided on a style to incorporate into your home yet, they’re worth getting in touch with. If you’re not from the Brisbane area then it’s crucial to research a designer local to your area. 

With a bit of research on the styles or previous work they’ve done, that can help with deciding on a designer for your home. No matter what style you agree on, make sure you pick the right designer to help bring your new project and vision for your home into a reality!…

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What does an Architect do?

An architect is a skilled professional who creates designs for redevelopments, alterations, and new construction projects. By using their high-level drawing skills and construction knowledge, they design safe, sustainable, and functional buildings. Furthermore, they operate as part of the team throughout the whole construction process. 

Before the building process, architects visit the site location to visually prepare and do up scaled drawings. Plus, they estimate materials, costs, and the time-frame of the project. 

Peter Janks Architects

What Other Activities Does an Architect do? 

Architects’ activities involve responsibilities more than just the artistic elements of design. If they have a team behind them they often have to manage and look after employees as well as manage construction projects if they’re in the position to do so.

Depending on the job size, a job for an architect can span for a long duration, that’s why it’s important they look after coordination duties as well as oversee projects as it undergoes the initial design stages later to the stages of construction and completion.

It’s easy to forget the many steps that are taken in the design process too. These include writing proposals, reports and doing up contracts before a plan for the design is set into place. 

When working with a client, they’ll communicate and share ideas during the process and be able to present their ideas into schematic designs which is essential for ensuring both the client and architect are on the same page for the whole design and construction duration.

What Are the Different Types of Architects?

Under the architect umbrella, there are several different architect titles that one may have, such as:

  • Technical architect

This architect is responsible for the fine details of a building’s planning. The planning should ensure that the project will be built and it will function. The technical architect creates construction drawings and also participates in construction administration. 

  • Design architect

A design architect is responsible for conceiving a project’s overall design. They analyze the building site and consider the clients’ budget due to their needs. 

  • Project manager

Project managers are responsible for developing a work plan and coordination. This profession requires an in-depth knowledge of the architectural process providing the right communications with third parties, solving problems, and leading. 

  • Landscape architect

The responsibility of a landscape architect is  designing outdoor spaces like gardens and parks to not just look visually pleasing but also function according to the area’s surroundings. This type of architect requires similar skills as other positions, but they also require extensive knowledge on planting design and stormwater management.  

Do I Need to Hire an Architect?

After learning more about the duties of an architect you may be wondering, do I need an architect for my next house build or big project? Many are tempted to leave it up to the project or house builder or even take it on themselves. What needs to be kept in mind though is that these are the professionals and in addition to creating pristine projects that “wow”, they also are able to solve problems that some other professions can’t.

So if it is a larger office or an outdated home that you need assistance with they work with you to make that happen. If you do decide to go ahead with an architect’s help, Co-Lab Architecture are a Melbourne based architectural firm and do have a residential emphasis if it is your home you’re planning to work on.

It does depend on where you’re based as to who to hire but they have built many personal environments and you can find more about their previous work and projects on their website, if you need some inspiration before giving the go ahead too.

To sum up, we need architects. People need places to live, eat, work, learn, shop, and play and architects are responsible for designing all these. They work on the public as well as on private projects and create outdoor and indoor spaces that do more than just satisfy the eye. Architects can design anything from a single room to an entire complex of buildings that’s why it’s worth investing in the right architect to help bring your vision for your home or space to life.…

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The Pros and Cons of Custom Made Blinds

A custom window blind is simply a style of the blind which has been customised by the homeowner to fit the specific window. There are hundreds of different kinds of custom window blinds that use various control systems to help the individual determine just how much of the room is being covered.

custom blinds gold coast

Custom blinds come in almost any design or colour imaginable. Some are simply shades of grey, some are coloured with a black backing, and others have a more intricate design. Many are used for privacy, while others are used to add extra light. Blinds come in many sizes as well. The majority are either standard-sized or large. 

However, there are also custom made mini-blinds that allow for a more intimate look. These blinds may be purchased as a set of four or five depending on the size of the window. A custom blind can be constructed from several different materials. They can be built from wood, vinyl, fibreglass, aluminium, or even plastic. It’s always important to be sure of your options before deciding on any one material.

What Are the Advantages of Buying Custom Made Blinds?

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a custom blind is that the homeowner can get the perfect fit for their window. If the blind doesn’t hang properly, the window will show through or not even open at all. A window cover may not even be necessary if the homeowner chooses to make their custom blinds to measure the window instead of going for the standard sizes.

Another great benefit of custom window blinds is that they can be used in a variety of situations. While some are used to provide privacy, others are used as decorative items in a room. Some are even able to be used daily and be installed over the top of a window to provide shade.

Are There Any Other Advantages?

A final advantage of custom blinds is that they can be made in order to fit the specifications of the homeowner. They can also be customised to meet the needs of any decor theme or home decor the homeowner might have in mind. This is especially true of those who want custom window covers that go with a specific colour scheme.

In short, custom window coverings provide the homeowner with the freedom to create any look they want by deciding on the type of blinds that fit their particular decor, style of decor, their window sizes, and the kind of finish and colour scheme that they would like to use.

Are Custom Blinds More Expensive than Traditional Blinds?

These custom blinds are not only more affordable but are more durable than traditional blinds. Not only that, but they are also available in many finishes such as faux, brushed nickel, wood grain, and wood and leather.

Another option besides traditional wood blinds is fabric window blinds. This is a great option when looking for a fabric that can also be custom ordered. Fabric covers can be used to match a traditional blind, but are also available in different colours, patterns, or materials. They are often made with the same quality and style of the wood, but the fabrics can also add colour and character to a room.

Where Can I Find a Company to Install Custom Blinds in my House?

There are many manufacturers of custom window coverings that provide installation services. These include companies that make custom blinds for doors, windows, as well as skylights, mantels, and other areas that need blinds that will add to the decor of the room. If you’re looking for custom blinds Gold Coast, it’d be hard to look past the services Lusso blinds provide. If you get in contact with them, they may be able to assist you with your needs. 

When considering which company to use, it’s essential to take into consideration several factors, including cost, materials, customer satisfaction, reputation, and installation options. If the customer has a question about a product or has an issue with installing it will likely be able to get the answer by either calling or email. Most companies offer free installation.

What Else Should I Keep in Mind?

No matter what type of custom window blinds you are interested in, remember always to be sure to measure the area where you plan on placing the blinds. Also, measure carefully before ordering blinds. It’s still best to measure beforehand and be sure the dimensions of the window and door will work appropriately with the measurement.…

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