Most Popular 2021 Interior Decor Design Styles

Following the recent pandemic outbreak from 2020, it’s no doubt we’d love to have our homes and apartments in the best receptive and comfortable form moving on. We’d help you understand the synergy between elegant elements and sustainable decorating with these interior decor design styles.

Red Interiors

Rustic Vogue

The Rustic Vogue design style completely grabs the attention of everyone in the room all at once. Individuals who love their interior decor designs as comfortable with some character details flying over the place would love this style. 

To get the best from this style, build on some underlying features like original panelled walls, exposed beams, and floorboards. Having antique wood perfectly blended with scattered character details while creating a nice harmony would be great for this style. 


Following the unexpected 2020 pandemic dilemma, you’d agree that maintaining a comforting decor design like Cottagecore and Nostalgia would play fine in 2021. The Cottage core interior decor design style started as a simplistic look to create comfort and a relaxing ambience. 

Today, we have that seemingly simple style infused with shades of glamour hereby creating a Luxe traditional style. With some gold accessories on your vintage-style barware, this could be recreated.

Contemporary Country 

The Contemporary Country decor style is known for its distinctive blend between beautiful embroidery, mellow-meadow prints, and relaxing amber tones.

 You’d get the best of this design style by matching a few natural textures to give your space a welcoming cozy feel. Recreating the contemporary country look in your home helps to lift your guest’s spirit irrespective of the purpose of the visit. The characterful prints are the secret formula to getting a modern country atmosphere.


Are you wondering why the vintage design style still ranks among 2021 interior decor styles? It’s simply because the vintage style keeps maintaining its salvaged, repurposed, antique, and retro look in the homes of many. 

The less-is-more approach, decorating with favourite pieces, and strong colours for painting are truly all you need to recreate this old-fashioned look. The vintage design style feeds on contrast. A layered contrasting of luxe elements and statement lighting should work.

Global Influence 

As vast as this look may sound, there isn’t more to creating it than mixing your desired woven, wooden, and rattan home accessories. 

Recreating the Global Influence style in 2021 warrants that your decorator remains inspired by natural textures and a warm earthy colour palette. Enjoy the bold Safari ambience in your home by placing infusing wildlife and African plains on the walls. To create the Global Influence style, ensure every piece in your home has a cultural or continental heritage.

Classic Traditionalism 

You get to infuse the timeless home decor trend from the 17th &18th centuries by recreating the classic traditionalism style in your home in 2021. The interior decor design style thrives on decorating using antique, historical, and classic art pieces in your home. Homeowners look to bring alive a harmonious sense and symmetric order to their homes with this design style. The design works the best with soft furnishings, classic damasks, courtly stripes, and ornate scrolls combination. 

Ocean Hues

Nothing is more enticing than having a beach-side getaway home on some resort island far away from the industrious world. However, with the ocean hues design style, you can recreate that beach house feel in your home this 2021. 

Having beach getaways and poolside-looking furniture with inky and aqua blues paintings would give you the calm-contemporary look you seek. 

Let’s Recreate Your Preferred 2021 Interior Design Style Today!

Investing time and money into the interior decor design of your space is the best hospitality investment. Meanwhile, it takes more than having a budget to bring alive your desired interior decor look. You’d need an interior decor professional to help bring your dream of a perfect home to life. 

At Red Interiors, they are the certified interior decor design specialists in Brisbane who understand how home design cuts across different times and seasons. Their craft helps to create a receptive, entertaining, and hospitable atmosphere in your space. Even if you haven’t decided on a style to incorporate into your home yet, they’re worth getting in touch with. If you’re not from the Brisbane area then it’s crucial to research a designer local to your area. 

With a bit of research on the styles or previous work they’ve done, that can help with deciding on a designer for your home. No matter what style you agree on, make sure you pick the right designer to help bring your new project and vision for your home into a reality!